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Announcement Short term courses for Opticians Starting Feb 2013
Schedule of Courses Updated
Schedule of Courses 2013 has been updated

Announcement Short term courses for Opticians Starting Sep 2012
Short Term Courses for Opticians

About the Course

An Opticians’ job is both paramedical & technical. On one hand he should possess full knowledge of the vision functions of the eye, while on the other basic understanding of Optics to understand lens function. In many cases, a person does not get access to technical knowledge necessary to perform the job. Once in business, it is almost impossible for him to spare time for full time training. Yet, in the absence of proper knowledge one feels handicapped in doing his/ her job in a professional manner. Short duration, part time courses provide an option to acquire such knowledge.

Who can attend

All practicing opticians who wish to strengthen their technical background benefit immensely from this course. More than 2500 Opticians have benefited from these courses not only in Indiabutfromabroadaswell.

Offered by

InstituteofOpticalAdvancement & VocationalStudies


Sample of topics covered in these courses

  • » Structure & Function of Human Eye
  • » Theory of Light – Ultraviolet (UV) and Visible Light. Refractive Index of optical substances.
  • » Refractive Errors of Eye, such as Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia & Aphakia .
  • »Theory of Lenses tounder stands pherical,cylindrical and bifocal Lenses.
  • »Under standing of Retinoscopy,Lens Prescription & Visual Aquity
  • »SightTestingusingAutoRefractrometer